You realize… all this legal crap, and all this other stuff? It has weighed heavily on me because I think t is all about this year’s theme… and being able to market our innovation to a larger audience. See… it’s like this. Who goes to the burn? Engineers? Architects? Tinkerers? Industrial creative types? AAAAaaand….. Where does pure research exist now, without *ANY* corporate sway or any accountable for research? very few public arenas… and less private ones. Burning Man is always at the forefront of eco-conscious design, sustainability, and helming the movement to be able to care for the people and this planet when it doesn’t have the desire to use us anymore (IE – when it becomes nearly possible to subsist and survive here.. think Mad Max.. like the first war for water around the corner. 40 years? who knows) But even before this green theme, we have always come up with future ideas that are innovative and defining… better camps, better showers, better greywater filtration. With this year’s green theme, the innovations and the ideas will be at critical mass, and out of control next level shit… There will be more genius and inventions than ever before. There will be more ideas, and this will be a marketplace for the future of technological solutions for environmental concerns. If you are one of these people… inventing something? Creating something? PATENT IT!!!! Send the docs to yourself in a S.A.S.E to get a postmark on it. Do not let anything hit the playa until you have EXCLUSIVE intellectual property rights. Microsoft sends in guerilla recruiters to get the smartest eggs in the bunch for their programming deparments. Why wouldn’t the largest corporations in the world pop on in to see the innovation, chat up a incredibly high inventor for a bit… then reverse engineer it. I am not paranoid, delusional (at least now) or any of that. This has happened before at the burn, and this year it promises to be the biggest opportunity for people to exploit our culture and innovation than ever before. Just be aware. Toodles. Be protective, and secretive. Don’t be conspiratorial.

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