Anyone notice that Google Alerts are basically broken?

Thank goodness for Revinate!

If anyone has any info on great tools, let me know. Here’s a few:

Also, I posted a Quora Question…. about how to juggle reservations at a restaurant that is open to the public, while wanting to reserve enough space and not turn away in house guests that didn’t reserve:


Interesting hotel articles I have been compiling for a bit:

Austin is about to pop off
Google Hotel Finder 5 ranking factors: # & quality of reviews, pricing, presence on google plus, quality pictures, proximity to city center / search center.
Four Seasons is active on 393 social media channels, weekly. Positively insane.
NOISE is the biggest complaint in hotels, online review research finds…. we knew this, but data helps owners understand value of acoustic consultants, or added acoustic costs.
It’s obvious we have to keep up with any algorithm changes within Google. Here’s humingbird – a huge and new change that just happened, and done in a “for dummies” way:
WILD… 88% of brands have a mobile optimized site.
“data accuracy is dead” – how analytics misused hurts your hotel… GO VIKRAM!
Hotel Value will continue to grow 8.8% 2013, 6.9% 2014. Buy now sell 2015. =)
Tripadvisor connect might be a smart move for independents that distribute widely, across OTA’s etc- then, you should involve yourselves with it, immediately.


And here’s a 1 minute video of a guy we can hire soon:



Also… 2014 Budgeting Season is good fun!

substantial occ & revpar increase
highest occ since 1997 for 2014:
And voila.. creme de la creme…
PKF 2014 budget guidance.

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