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Google Plus’ future is that it becomes a background utility that is still wholly operational and used as a social network, and social, organic linking platform, that helps with  organic search SEO?
With Tagging on G+, they’ve automated hand picking of legitimate search, rather than letting the algorithm pick organic on its own, right?

G+ Tagging acts like like twitter or FB, but way more powerful… you can tag brands, biz, and people… from anywhere and all over the world. 

That’s the power of it, in a sense, making a web of deliberate connections that are socially driven to strengthen the quantitative algorithms of SEO with qualitative user driven and verified content. 

The latter has more credibility (save for spammers) because then people who don’t know each other start creates networks around relevant interests…. instead of geo networks based on people that don’t generate content.  Now, small hotel groups link with their guests and vendors, sports groups and fans, news brands, celebrities and followers, etc create a stellar linked network of relevant and similar people and sites.  

That’s only far more important than tagging in other walled gardens like Facebook because of the open internet end of Google Plus, and how G+ is now drastically impacting SEO.  SEO for your hotel.  So if I saw a missed tag on FB, I wouldn’t care, as it’s irrelevant.  But as G+ becomes a utility, back end product anchor for all of the G+ products, it will not be some forefront social network, but a network creating more legitimacy in the organic rankings.

True or false: this is the most likely outcome for Plus?  That takes the least effort as everything is in place, and everything is anchored to it, already.  Or will they start to dismantle it?  It seems an elegant anchor for maps, social, local, places, search, etc etc?

Or what else might happen?

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  1. Michael

    Thanks for the post on my blog, and great insight. Curious on authorship for sure. I doubt it’s dying. It’s going to just sit there and be irrelevent to people that don’t use it, a vibrant community for those that do, and for business, it’s not about *plus* itself, but the front facing organic search results. As long as those huge photos, reviews, maps, etc is all populated from Plus, optimizing plus just for search will be absolutely worthwhile. But I get that people don’t think it’s a vibrant community. I know Facebook isn’t a vibrant community, because I don’t use it. Plus has more interaction, in my experience, than other networks. But I agree the community and inward facing side of Plus is basically like – a ghost. It’s there, it’s available, but irrelevant to almost anyone that doesn’t know or care about it.

    Great point about the sign in…. but I thought you had to have a “real” name at this point, and you can’t go anon or fake handle, etc?

    I think, as people talk about the future of plus, it’s more about the behind the curtain aspects of the network which align services, etc. There’s the inward facing Google Plus social network that people make fun of, don’t understand, don’t use, and think is dying. That’s fine, because it’s not important. That community will thrive. But it’s really just about the outward facing impact of Google Plus, and the behind the scenes stuff it is doing for applications, platform, search, etc. Just my uneducated thoughts. CHEERS!

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