TL;DR – my unofficial test shows that IMGUR is easily, far and away, the simplest, friendliest, and best place to host photos and embed them to wordpress blogs. The front end set up and UI will take a bit, but once you have it, it’s like magic.

I thought this might be interesting to the internet. I took some pictures of sky metal. SF Fleetweek 2014. I posted the same pictures on each network. Google Plus auto-enhances and adds GIFS of all the uploaded photos. Moving GIFS do not work on Flickr.  I will embed them all here, whether album or slideshow options. I know I don’t get many readers, but if you have any opinions on which site represents the photos better, has a better layout, etc. I am not in any way needing comments on the photos… I don’t think they are particularly good. But it’s an easy way to use the same set across 3 platforms to compare. I want to know the representation on this site with the embeds, but also back in the native galleries. This is more for professional curiosity than personal interest. Hopefully this helps someone, somehow. The photos are from Fleet Week. Airplanes. Sky Metal.

I was more interested how they looked on the native site, in case I wanted to use it from some hotel photos, embed the pics onto a hotel blog.  Now I am shocked how difficult it is to embed stuff. Anyone know why?  They want friction so that people use the picture / social network natively?
Google Plus
Album link:

Slideshow – not easy. I had to go to, which redirects to google plus with a yellow alert bar and the option to revert back to picasa. then you click on your album, and on the far right there is a chain with a “link to this album” – which brings up embed code for pasting a slideshow or album. I am pasting both “album” and “slideshow” embed from picasa. Wild. They even have a special option to make the code Myspace friendly. Plenty of size and presentation options on that ancient system.&

2014-10-15 SF Fleet Week from Tiburon


Album link:

No simple or easy to find embed code —> You have to type “/show” at the end of your album URL, and then at the top right you will see “share”, which will have an embed code…. and *as you can tell (below)*, that didn’t work. That’s too bad. So I tried this website: Nope.

So easy!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.


Flickr’s broken “nothing to see here” embed code from the /show slideshow.




Album link:

EMBED – so easy:
Slideshow – easy, didn’t see if there were options for size, etc:

You can only add one pin at a time.

Tumblr – only 10 photos per album.

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  1. Michael

    It’s really surprising how bad the galleries and share options are… especially with Flickr. I had no idea if that jumble of a post would be meaningful to anyone on the internet. SO GLAD it helped, even a little. =) Cheers.

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