Someone explain this.  Someone else compile your data.  What is all the “Year of Mobile” nonsense for the last 10 years if the data doesn’t suggest it’s that big a deal?

Is it that marketers can’t tell the difference between a 300% YoY increase of mobile usage as displaced views, and not newly found views?

First lesson: It’s not new money… it’s displaced money.

And it seems that the mobile craze still has the majority of that money happening through desktop / laptop usage?

Hotel #1 = Silicon Valley hotel, strictly business, independent, well run, boutique-y.

Hotel #2 = Luxury Wine Country Resort, World Class Destination

The Mobile data suggests someone is lying about “Year of the Mobile”?? Or are they all giddy, thinking “increased usage” = “newly found revenue”?

Is it because mobile is still an awful experience, or is it that the mobile experience will never, ever, ever *EVER* (screaming now) recreate the rich and immersive desktop experience, and people are still using the latter??

SO WHOMEVER IS YELLING YEAR OF MOBILE, explain this data? I can’t be the only one. This is TRIPADVISOR… the biggest of them all. These might not be flag or brand level page views as both are independent, but it raises curious questions to me.

Here’s a spreadsheet for you to play with, for your own data and tracking:

Tripadvisor Desktop versus Mobile

TA Mobile vs Desktop

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