It’s encouraging that people are realizing products, stuff, consumerism is out…. and experience is in.

Please revisit this post from 5 years ago… warning about the issues of tech, addiction, consumerism, etc.

People are advocating for less stuff…. that’s good for travel.

…… science, medicine, psychology finds we’re healthier unattached to tech, and when we *actually* unplug on vacation, we heal. ┬áStudies of the brain show that material items weigh us down and depress / stress us…. while we CRAVE memories of experience.

The fact that the “Story of Stuff“, and the “100 thing challenge“, as well as advocates for living simply, etc, are gaining momentum is an encouraging sign for the future of travel and hospitality’s value and strength

Now… a hotel’s online presence should be tantamount to a really engaging cable TV Travel channel.

Because, now…. it’s one of two things: you either are self absorbed, talking about your product via spammy ads that annoy or are ignored… *ORRrrr* – you are dynamic content. Engaging, experiential, energizing.

I really wonder… with video, drones, social, etc… if a physical hotel’s online presence may ever actually be picked up by a cable travel channel as a 30 min show, brochure, thing. It will, could, and should happen. We are trying to do this now…. re-position our websites as an experience, and destination, rather than product or thing.

If your reading this, you’re probably already on your way. But this does not look like a trend, rather than a reaction to the consumerism and consumptive patterns of the mid 20th century until now. This is the new status quo, and if you are doing it correctly, the future should be very bright for our ability to be hospitable, service, and create important experiences and moments of value in people’s lives.

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