So.. cardboard VR scales impossibly fast due to NY Times. Imagine:

It is Sunday morn, you put on the cardboard and walk through a Syrian refugee camp. Or you are on the Champs Elysee, and watching bikers zoom past, left to right… zoom, zoom, zoom.

Then… *as always*, an ad to help support the journalism.

You are in your cold home in the North East.

It is winter.

Sunday morning…. you are reading the New York Times. You have just “lived” inside our world, as reported… the NY Times does a VR movie story in an Ebola hospital, or at the moment of a scientific breakthrough, or the scene of an accident…. and you are immediately whisked away from your cold, winter home, to literally feeling like you are inside a room at our hotel… warm, cozy, with blankets, and red wine, chocolates.

Or maybe it’s summer… you get up and walk to the patio and see the flowers and warm air, you can hear the hummingbird, and to your right a cocktail party by the pool, and you can hear people laughing.


This is the next evolution of advertising…. and the hotel ready to be on board with this will absolutely kill it.

PLEASE PLEASE Fairmont or Four Seasons, give me a head start.

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