To follow up on a post that is over 5 years old, I have looked into what makes a fantastic website. It appears that people are standardizing what a beautiful website does… and that’s showcase the product with high rez imagery, similar to the past winners. That now includes drone video footage….. so speaking of times changing…


As times change, there’s something all this technology has brought us in the past 5 years… and that is complexity, as well as exasperation. Luxury being service minded, and anticipatory of a guest’s needs and desires…. we see a trend toward simplicity, and wonderful functionality. Gone are the days of massively bloated sites and confusing menus, sub-menus, and broken architecture. Gone are the days of needing to maintain multiple websites- tablet, mobile, desktop, and outlets. You can have an external facing outlet site, likely parallax, but a mobile first, dynamic, responsive website is *the* must, and likely one of the largest revenue drivers of any given initiative at any given hotel. So, here’s a number of websites to ponder.

Aman Jackson
Aman Utah
Aman Venice
(Aman gets it)
Little Palm Island
Sun River Resort:
Ventana Inn Big Sur
This management group in France gets it big time:
French Chateau St. Martin
Le Bristol Paris
Reserve Beaulieu
These were some winners from 2011. They’ve reduced imagery size and added menus. Interesting changes, IMHO…..
Peter Island
Villa Amor was so much better in 2011. boring now
Meritage San Diego (pics not so great resolution)
Bruce is staying here… it’s muddled a bit on mobile, but very slick:
Wine Country & Resort Websites
Inn Above Tide
Hotel Yountville
River Terrace Inn: pretty, but first photo bad choice:
Farmhouse- simple
Kenwood Inn and Spa
Stephanie Inn

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