Driverless cars, added into a burgeoning rental economy (stop calling it sharing. Just…. just stop it). I think most disruption is myth, and agree the marketing of the “sharing economy” sounds better as “disaster capitalism”, but it applies here, for sure. Ownership has declined.
Ownership continues to decline.
Car companies face massive decrease in production levels
Car companies invest everything in driverless cars to compete, regardless of known outcome.
Combine a reduction of ownership and increased efficiency of on demand, driverless cars devastates majority of automotive industry.
30-40% manufacturers out of business in 15 years.
Surviving companies pitted in battle of 3 markets: low, mid range, and luxury.
low and mid range driverless cars become a utility and commodity.
urban and residential parking collapses.
…..States / Cities / communities run on demand fleets residential and commercial
   … to make up for the lost revenues from parking enforcement and parking lots.
Parking lots become charging hubs for fleets. Less need for them frees up real estate. the article mentions lowering of property prices as a result….
Cars abide laws, reduction of traffic policing and law, reduction of courts and legal bureaucracy, reduction of prison sentences due to less drunk convictions.
Reduction of revenues of gas taxes. Reductions of parking lot fees and income at hotels, or restaurants, etc.
reduction of auto service, utter destruction of body shop and car repair business.
 …. if cars end up electric, even further dismantling of auto infrastructure and service
Car washes go away because they become internally corporatized.
Fuel industry alters drastically. Non convenient gas stations all close.
All commercial and private driving jobs disappear, as it will be too expensive to employ humans from a liability perspective. Trucking, limos, cabs, auto dealers, etc
Many stop lights, street lights, and other city utilities are pointless as cars can see in the dark.
Luxury market of driverless owned cars flourishes. They become luxury apartments on wheels, altering the need to live in one place, own/rent city property.
Insurance Companies crater, comparatively (see below link).

I wish someone would do a competent impact report on this.

Think of being in one of these at an intersection… no stop lights, no visible communication. I would lose my mind.

But one must assume existing infrastructure and car drivers will be eased into driving with driverless vehicles, and it isn’t an “all or nothing” mentality….

new technology always coexists, often harmoniously, with existing technology.

But times are a changin’!

driverless cars no accidents

Also… as they hit the road, I will try and update this list, below…. but I have a feeling it’s going to be so rapid, it will become relatively unremarkable and somewhat mundane within a few years. The economic disruptions will start within about a year.

self driving buses on the road in Helsinki
Uber is in Pittsburgh w/ Volvos
Taxis are in Singapore
Driverless taxi’s problem: humans, and how to train them
Otto aggressively moving towards automated Big Rigs, first one in Nevada

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