I get the complexity. I get, that in my field, I could end up managing these. But it’s not complex…
Old time shares and rental vacation spots like Lahaina or Lake Tahoe, or areas of 2nd and 3rd homes, should have new zoning in low density areas. High density residential should avoid AirBNB permittals like the plague, except where it’s already fully converted (ie dead time shares).
To keep it simple, any residentially zoned spot should be residential, and not a small hotel. With appropriate controls and exceptions.
But allowing communities to become co-opted, if not destroyed, by speculating residential vacation management companies is a problem.
Mountain towns aside, I *HAVE TO IMAGINE* that even Boulder deals with this, seeing influx for football games, etc?  This is definitely why my coastal towns like Sausalito or Tiburon have banned them. Some say it was too late.
It’s pretty simple: regulation needs to catch up with the progress. Fast. Good luck, bureaucracy. We’re counting on you.
But here in Tiburon, our town council people who created the law banning them have been found to running their own illegal airbnb. So, self-interest and entitlement even erodes community from within, let alone the people who think they’re more important than everyone else.

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