I am tired of influencers, and I am tired of technological vulnerabilities.

Neither will go away. =)  This goes way beyond needing cyber-insurance, I think.  The modern vulnerabilities of cloud PMS is something I’ve opined on…. I am not sure exposing yourself to that downtime, remote random updates, or being inaccessible, not to mention the issues with lending guest data and info to 3rd parties.

In researching new systems, I am absolutely frightened.  All the exploits and vulnerabilities just feel like liabilities.  A new locking system, software based, would allow you to unlock all doors at one time? Please give me dumb, dumb, rock dumb locks.

What’s more, it feels like the liability of hard keys is starting to be outweighed by the liability of potential security flaws in connected digital locking tech.

So here’s some light reading about recent hacks, exploits, hijinks, and general chicanery, to, uhhh… ease your mind.
Actually, it’s to get you thinking about it during the budgeting cycle for 2018. Are you secure as you possibly can be?
This story originally came out with massive misinfo, but there’s some interesting security issues about a bitcoin ransom scheme at a hotel in Austria:

This is the East Bay Times article about using the digital key to bypass desk w/ fake identity and stolen CC:
This is a long form journalism piece on a hotel hacking crime spree:
That last one is bonkers.
Also, people are constantly targeting hotel systems, the Fancy Bear hotel hack!:

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