Something exciting (finally) at Hi-Tec via @Tnooz

My thoughts about big data in hospitality:

First, I read this tweet yesterday, after having titled this “Big Data”, and it gave me pause:

“As a technology descriptor, Big Data is about as caveman as it gets — so broad and ambigous that it is better grunted than spoken.”

This is true. But “Big Data” will still be used, and it’s a commentary on the stage we are it…. labeling things something ambiguous because we haven’t even begun to understand it. Yet vendors rush to monetize it, for a number of industries that don’t yet have the capacity to truly understand it.  I question whether those who peddle big data are truly understanding of it, themselves.  What’s more, I would love to ask each individual consumer data group that uses data to monetize end users one simple question: “Do you have a corporate standard of ethics in regards to how you leverage or extapolate datas?” (click for more) (more…)