Anyone notice that Google Alerts are basically broken? Thank goodness for Revinate! If anyone has any info on great Continue Reading…

As of now, the only commission free booking engine I know of is buuteeq’s, which doesn’t interface and provides a nightmare for inventory management. The only interfaced to PMS, commission free booking engine that I have ever heard of or known is Mirage Hotel Systems, who built their own that they offer with their PMS, which is also my favorite. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it, in a heart beat. It’s astonishing more PMS don’t do this to secure more clientele.

If Tripadvisor’s popularity index can be equated to revenue, then paying to increase your popularity seems very, *VERY* much a grey area.

OTA’s were a stopgap solution when the non-tech hotel industry was being left behind during the early days of online distribution. Now, distribution has changed, and continues to change in rapid and meaningful ways. OTA’s aren’t as necessary anymore.