Are numbers this small to be expected? In the world of hard to track impressions and marketing measurements that provided some data and guidance (however skeptical I always am) – some people have said, “so what, who cares, it’s to be expected”. But numbers *THAT* small? Is that part of the Pareto Efficiency, or does the principle come into play (if you believe in that)?

This probably should have been multiple posts. Sorry. Google PLACES (or where did my Local Business Center shove off to?) One of my favorite developments in the last few weeks, aside from Google’s Continue Reading…

I imagine this is one of the first mash ups of a live-twittered conference? If not the first, one of the only ones because this was massively, overly, insanely, time-consuming. I do think what came of it was worthwhile, and I hope this sort of serves as a testament to all we spoke about and considered during Eye for Travel SM SF 2010.

You have to cordially, professionally, and earnestly engage anyone and everyone. Not because you are trying to brand your hotel… but because you are a real service provider that is inherently interested in fulfilling guests, helping the community, and creating harmony in people’s lives. This isn’t advice…. this is a way of life.

If this is your algorithm yelp, you have built your business on one of the most flawed I have seen. Just my two cents. If real reviews by real people is what this is all about, yelp has some serious explaining to do about the incredible flaw in their model. I don’t think this is fixable, and I don’t think they can defend it.