In short, “Napa Valley” is being hidden by Tripadvisor, and almost all searches end up in Napa, the city.  This means 30 hotels are being listed, when there’s 65 options throughout the Valley, and the Continue Reading…

How will interaction by the brand influence, connect, or impact the future of the social graph legitimizing and strengthening search? *That’s* not even the important question – The real question will be how will a search built off network science control and influence brands? Will there, finally, be a thwarting of the spam through human powered relevance ranking? Will poor management styles, lack of interaction, or opaque manipulation of the consumer made to be transparent in regards to the brand?

Our level of engagement is going to be more important in the future in a way that we can’t measure or perceive right now, and we are laying the groundwork to be heads and shoulders above other hotels in revelance and footprint. Just as some hotels are *still* reeling from missing out on the SEO boom, some hotels & brands that think social is a joke will be in the same boat when the semantic web gains a stronger foothold. It’s just – *how* will a brand’s engagement alter or impact a socially engaged search?

“With the like button, with Tripadvisor, and different applications… they will find their way. You can’t just dismiss the powerhouses of today just because they don’t have the right applications. That would be like dismissing Google in the past because the algorithm was a little off. You have got to understand that these companies have the bandwidth, the smarts, and the money – and travel is one of the largest if not *THE* largest online opportunity, vertical, and once they have their sights set on it, they will figure it out.”